Wednesday 12th
Chair Stan Wilson, NOAA, USA
0930 - 1000
Introduction to workshop   Roemmich PPT   Takeuchi PPT Dean Roemmich, (Argo Chair)
Scripps Inst.,La Jolla, USA
Kensuke Takeuchi
JAMSTEC,Yokosuka, Japan
1000 - 1015
Argo - where are we now?  Gould PPT Belbéoch PPT John Gould , (Argo Director)
Scripps Inst., La Jolla, USA
Mathieu Belbéoch, (Argo Tech Co-ord)
AIC, Toulouse France.
1015 - 1040
Argo's role in climate science (Invited)  Abstract  PPT  text Kimio Hanawa
Tohoku University, Japan
1040 - 1100
Chair Susan Wijffels, CSIRO, Australia
1100 - 1125
Argo and GODAE (Invited)  Abstract  PPT Pierre-Yves Le Traon
CLS, Toulouse,France
1125 - 1150
Argo Float Technology: Achievements and Challenges (Invited)  Abstract  PPT Steve Riser
U. Washington, Seattle, USA
1150 - 1215
The Argo data system (Invited)  Abstract  PPT Bob Keeley (Argo Data co-chair),
MEDS, Ottawa, Canada
Sylvie Pouliquen (Argo Data co-chair)
IFREMER, Brest, France
1215 - 1345
1345 - 1545
Poster session and coffee
Chair Yutaka Michida, Ocean Research Inst., Tokyo, Japan
1545 - 1610
Argo delayed-mode salinity data  Abstract   PPT Annie Wong
NOAA, PMEL, Seattle, USA
1610 - 1630
Design Requirements for an ARGO Float Array in the Indian Ocean Inferred from Observing System Simulation Experiments  Abstract   PPT Andreas Schiller et al.
CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
1630 - 1645
Experience of delayed mode quality control for the Atlantic  Abstract  PPT Yves Desaubies
IFREMER, Brest, France
1645 - 1700
What observation scheme should we use for profiling floats to achieve the Argo goal on the accuracy of salinity measurement?  Abstract  PPT Taiyo Kobayashi et al.
FORSGC, Yokosuka, Japan
1700 - 1715
Float to float drift intercomparison in an intermediate current regime  Abstract  PPT
Francisco Machin et al
U. Las Palmas,Spain
1715 - 1730
A comparison of profiling float and XBT representations of upper layer temperature structure in the Northwestern subtropical North Atlantic  Abstract  PPT Bob Molinari
Thursday 13th
Chair Jürgen Willebrand, IfM, Kiel, Germany
0930 - 0955
The impact of Argo data on ocean and climate forecasting (Invited)  Abstract  PPT Matt Martin et al
Met Office, Exeter, UK
0955 - 1010
Ocean state estimation by 4D-VAR data assimilation using Argo data  Abstract  PPT Shuhei Masuda
FORSGC, Yokohama, Japan
1010 - 1025
A regional model assimilating Argo, XBT, and altimeter data in the central North Pacific.  Abstract  PPT Bruce Cornuelle et al
Scripps Inst., La Jolla, USA
1025 - 1040
Assimilating S(T) from Argo  Abstract  PPT Keith Haines et al
U. Reading, UK
1040 - 1105
Argo Impact Experiment with a JMA ENSO Forecast Model  Abstract  PDF Yoshiteru Kitamura
JMA, Tokyo, Japan
1105 - 1125
Chair Ricardo Rojas, SHOA, Valparaiso, Chile
1125 - 1150
Argo’s role in closing the oceanic heat and freshwater budgets (Invited)  Abstract  PPT DeanRoemmich et al.
Scripps Inst.,La Jolla, USA
1150 - 1205
World Ocean heat content, 1955-1999  Abstract  PPT Syd Levitus et al.
NOAA, NODC, Silver Spring, USA
1205 - 1220
Upper ocean response before and after the cyclone from Argo floats  Abstract  PPT Muthalagu Ravichandran et al.
NCOIS, Hyderabad, India
1220 - 1235
The decreasing of sea surface salinity by typhoon in the summer of 2002 and 2003 in the northwestern Pacific  Abstract  PPT Xu Dongfeng
2nd Inst. Oceanography, Hangzhou, China
1235 - 1250
Lagrangian observations of the mode water formation in the North Pacific  Abstract  PPT Toshio Suga
Tohoku, University, Sendai, Japan
1250 - 1400
1400 - 1600
Poster session and coffee
Chair PN Vinayachandran, CAOS, Bangalore , India
1600 - 1625
The detection of subsurface theta-S changes (Invited)  Abstract  PPT Brian King
SOC, Southampton,UK
1625 - 1640
Observations of N. Atlantic subtropical mode water using profiling floats  Abstract  PPT Young-Oh Kwon et al
U. Washington, Seattle, USA
1640 - 1655
Formation region of North Pacific Subtropical Mode Water in the late winter of 2003  Abstract  PPT Eitaru Oka et al.
FORSGC, Yokosuka, Japan
1655 - 1710
Winter conditions in the Irminger Sea revealed by Argo floats Abstract  PPT Luca Centurioni et al
Scripps Inst.,La Jolla, USA
1710 - 1725
Structure and variability of the Indian Ocean as revealed from Argo observations  Abstract  PPT
Krishnan Raghavan et al
Inst. Tropical Met., Pune, India
1725- 1740
A preliminary study of mesoscale eddy effects on the formation of the North Pacific Subtropical Mode Water  Abstract  PPT Pan Aijun
Ocean University, Qingdao, China
1740 - 1755
Potential of Argo data for detection and attribution of oceanic climate change  Abstract  PPT Richard Wood et al.
Met Office, Exeter, UK
1755 - 1805
Salinity change in the southeastern Indian Ocean  Abstract  PPT Helen Phillips et al.
CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
Friday 14th
Chair To be confirmed
0930 - 0955
Argo as an aid to environmental monitoring and assessment - the example of the Gulf of Alaska (Invited)  Abstract  PPT Howard Freeland et al.
DFO, IOS, Pat Bay, Canada
0955 - 1010
The Bering slope current system revisited  Abstract  PPT Greg Johnson et al.
NOAA, PMEL, Seattle, USA
1010 - 1025
Eddy-induced temperature anomalies in the Kuroshio extension recirculation gyre from Argo, TMI and altimetry measurements  Abstract  PPT Bo Qiu et al.
U. Hawaii, Honolulu, USA
1025 - 1040
Distribution and variation of the mixed layer in the western North Pacific observed by Argo floats  Abstract  PPT Yuko Ohno et al.
Tokyo U. of Mercantile Marine, Japan.
1040 - 1100
Chair Silvia, Garzoli, NOAA, Miami, USA
1100 - 1125
Estimating ocean velocity fields from Argo and other data (Invited) (Provisional title)   PPT Breck Owens
WHOI, Woods Hole, USA
1125 - 1140
Intermediate level circulation in the southwestern part of the Japan/East Sea  Abstract  PPT Young-Gyu Park et al.
KORDI, Seoul, Korea
1140 - 1155
The absolute geostrophic velocity field and wintertime convection in the Japan/East Sea estimated from an array of profiling floats  Abstract  PPT Steve Riser et al.
U. Washington, Seattle, USA
1155 - 1210
New elements of the Japan Sea oceanography found with the use of profiling floats  Abstract  PPT Mikhail Danchenkov et al.
FERHRI, Vladivostok, Russia
1210 - 1225
Global statistics of inertial motions from Argo floats  Abstract  PPT Kuh Kim et al
Seoul National University, Korea
1225 – 1240
Response of the Arabian Sea to the summer monsoons of 2002 and 2003  Abstract  PPT P.N. Vinayachandran et al.
Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore, India
1240 - 1255
Observations of the Okhotsk Sea circulation and water masses using profiling floats  Abstract  PPT Kaiichiro Oshima et al.
Hokaido University, Sapporo ,Japan
(Presenter Steve Riser)
1300 - 1400
Chair Kuh Kim, Soeul National University , Korea
1400 – 1420
Argo and other observing systems – issues and challenges (Provisional title) (Invited)   PPT Uwe Send
IfM , Kiel, Germany
1420 – 1540
Round table discussion - Improving Argo and its science
1540 - 1600
Chair Brian King, SOC, Southampton, UK
1600 - 1630
Applications of Argo observations - an exciting prospect (Provisional title) (Invited)   PPT Stan Wilson and collaborators
NOAA, Silver Spring, MD, USA
1630 - 1645
Closing session